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We have received 44 Reviews, Averaging 4.98 Stars!

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Alarm & Security Systems in Halifax, NS

We've Secured Hundreds Of Businesses In Alberta

Why Do You Need Security At Your Business?

  • I Will Be Relocating My Business
  • We Recently Had A Break In
  • Our Insurance Provider Is Requiring a Security System
  • I Am Being Proactive To Protects Assets & Customers
  • I Just Relocated My Business.

Businesses have special needs to protect themselves.

Are you prepared?

A Great Alarm System Can Protect Your Business!

How Soon Can We Secure Your Business?

We can get you a quote on business security as soon as today.

Depending on the scope of the project, we could also get you secured right away.

Then you can rest east, assured your business is protected.


You'll Be Able To Monitor Your Business

Northstar Alarms is Halifax’s choice for 24/7 security monitoring.

We know you are busy at work and the last thing you need is to be worried at home about your business location’s security.

Lean on our monitoring solutions to give you the peace of mind you need.

We Are The Security Experts You Need

Northstar Alarms has been in this industry for a long time and we have been recognized as one of Canada’s top security companies.

You can’t go wrong with our experience, know-how and fantastic customer service!

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What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Security Systems?

1. Our Business Alarm Systems Are Easy To Operate.

2. If Anything Goes Wrong With Equipment, We’ll Be There To Fix It Fast!

3. You'll Have The Peace Of Mind You Need, Now.

4. We Treat You With Courtesy & Respect.

5. We Keep Costs Reasonable, So You Won't Overspend.

6. We Are A Local, & Locally-Minded, Business. We Are Responsive To Your Needs.

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Recent Reviews

Erin MacIsaac

Halifax, NS

Date: Jul 22, 2021
We recently had Nick and the team at Liberty set us up with a full commercial security system. His knowledge regarding the equipment and how it would benefit us was great. He was fast and efficient in helping us iron out all of the kinks as we ordered 17 door locks for our Motel, Chalets, and our new lounge. We love that we can access our locks from anywhere and Nick has helped us out with everything along the way! We are confident that our property is a lot safer and our guests are comfortable knowing this as well. Would recommend Nick to anyone!

"Would Recommend Nick To Anyone!"

Darren Perry

Queens County, NS

Date: Jul 21, 2021
The experience with Liberty Install was great. Very helpful and quick install. Also, Nick came back to see how I was making out with it at my shop. He helped me make changes very good service.

"Very Helpful And Quick Install."

Elizabeth Brown

Annapolis Valley, NS

Date: Jun 3, 2021
Nicholas is knowledgeable and so friendly. I was set up within hours and feel much safer both in my business and when I lock up and walk away. Highly recommend!

"Set Up Within Hours And Feel Much Safer"

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Northstar Alarms

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We Can Also Automate Your Business

Save Money, Save Time,

You Probably Want To Know The Cost.

We take measures to make sure you get the best protection available at a competitive price.

You won't overspend using Northstar Alarms' award-winning systems and monitoring.

We can't give a price here, because we need to see your unique situation and make sure we give you an accurate quote.

The quote itself, however, is free.

We Offer The Best Price On Business Alarms Guaranteed!

Since I want you to choose Northstar Alarms to protect your business, your home and your family, I never want price to get in the way of your security.

We often match prices with the lowest competitor just to to make sure you are protected in the best way possible. That's what being loyal to the local community we serve means to me.

There Are Over A Million Break Ins In Canada Per Year

Don't Waste Time, Protect Your Business Now.

No Obligations. No Pressure.

Hi, my name is Jonathan Boyd and Northstar Alarms is my company. I want to go over prices with you for the security system you need, not just a lot of fancy bells & whistles (unless you need that, of course!)

Don't worry about being pressured into a deal. We operate on a no-obligation & zero pressure policy when it comes to giving you a free quote.

My company is customer-driven. That means that at the end of the day I want to go home feeling good about what I do, and I want you to feel good about how I do it!


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Northstar Alarms

Halifax, NS


We can automate both your security and your utilities.

Our business automation systems can run everything from your locks to your lights!


1. See What’s Going On. Even When You’re Not There.


Using a commercial-class camera system can make smart business sense. What’s is even smarter is the ability to surveil those cameras from miles away through your phone.

We have all sorts of different options to scale to the size of your business, so let’s talk!