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1,000,000+ People A Year (In Canada!) Are Break-in Victims

Don't Become A Statistic!

Let Northstar Alarms
Protect Your Family!

We Make It Fast & Easy.

You could secure your home with a click of a button or swipe of your phone.

We are easy to talk to and will give you a free estimate.

Not only that, but we could be securing your home as soon as today!


Who Will Talk To You?

This is Nick.

He is the Lead Service Manager here in Halifax.

If he doesn't answer, then the owner of Northstar Alarms will: Jonathan Boyd (below)!


Northstar Alarms: Home Security & Automation Experts

We are touted as home alarm & security professionals, and we are. But what makes us so?

We Are Halifax's #1 Security Solution.

1) We have the experience: Time. We've been installing and monitoring burglar alarms for over 15 years!

2) We have the experience: Number of Installs. We've installed over 10,000 alarm systems.

3) We have the experience: Satisfied Customers. Our customers love the work we've done. Read some alarm system reviews.


Choose Us For Benefits You Get

1. We Are A Local Security Company. That Means We Listen To You.

2. Your Home Is Protected With State-of-the-Art Equipment. For A Good Price!

3. We Are Partnered With The Best Monitoring Service In Canada.

4. You Will Receive Top-Notch Responses For Service, If Needed.

5. You Will Be Able To Rest Easy, Again.

6. You Will Get The Best Price. Guaranteed.

Choose Us Because Of The Work We've Done

Review Some Recent Work We've Done To Make Town A Little Safer!

Whether it is seeing it in action, or just the comfort of knowing someone "real" was able to get top-notch service, reading some of our home alarm installation or security monitoring and response jobs can help you understand why home security is so vital here in Halifax, NS.

Every day we make people's lives better, safer, and more enjoyable because we bring peace of mind to a tumultuous world.

With our home automation, it can be just plain fun and satisfying to have fantastic security monitoring and a house that you can turn the lights on and off from your office.

You can even answer the door from the office!*


*Requires door locks with video and audio hardware, an internet-connected device with app, and a service agreement. Your equipment may look different than pictured.

Here Are Three Recent Jobs To See

See Even More At Your Appointment

Let Us Know Exactly What You'd Like To See & We'll Show You!

Choose Us Because Our Customers Say So

Here Are Some Reviews That You Can Read

Erin MacIsaac

Halifax, NS

Date: Jul 22, 2021
We recently had Nick and the team at Liberty set us up with a full commercial security system. His knowledge regarding the equipment and how it would benefit us was great. He was fast and efficient in helping us iron out all of the kinks as we ordered 17 door locks for our Motel, Chalets, and our new lounge. We love that we can access our locks from anywhere and Nick has helped us out with everything along the way! We are confident that our property is a lot safer and our guests are comfortable knowing this as well. Would recommend Nick to anyone!

Darren Perry

Queens County, NS

Date: Jul 21, 2021
The experience with Liberty Install was great. Very helpful and quick install. Also, Nick came back to see how I was making out with it at my shop. He helped me make changes very good service.

Elizabeth Brown

Annapolis Valley, NS

Date: Jun 3, 2021
Nicholas is knowledgeable and so friendly. I was set up within hours and feel much safer both in my business and when I lock up and walk away. Highly recommend!

Choose Us To Secure & Automate Your Home

Yes! We Can Completely Automate Doors, Locks, Heating & More!

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Northstar Alarms

Halifax, NS

We Can Make Your Home Smart.

Make Your Home Smarter Than Your Phone!

Choose Us Because The Alarm System's Price Is Right

Our prices are reasonable.

If you do find a comparable system for lower, let us know and we will work to beat it!

Besides price though, it's our value that our customers cherish most.

Their homes and families are protected and they rest assured of a secure home and award-winning, fantastic customer service when they need to fix, change, update, or enlarge their security system.

Home Alarms & Security in Halifax with Northstar Alarms is so much better!


Choose Us Because We Deter Crime

Don't Let Yourself Be Attacked Next!

Why Choose Us.?

Look, I realize that a home security system is an emotional and sensitive subject, so let's look at getting an alarm system from a different angle.

Why Home Security Makes Sense

  • Millions of homes are broken into in Canada every year.
  • Guns and knives don't make your home safer. Especially if you aren't there.
  • Dogs can easily be deterred with bribery (food) or violence. Don't make Fido be the only defense your home has.
  • Home Alarm systems make your home immediately less likely they'll be broken into.
  • Home automation and remote monitoring is the single best way to know what's happening at home at any time.


Why Northstar Home Security makes sense:

  • We make it easy. No messing with the system yourself, great tools to use it, and fast service anytime you need it.
  • We make the future a reality, now. You don't need to build a new house to get the latest and greatest tech!
  • We are the local security company offering the type of local service and care that you should expect and deserve.
  • Our alliances make it so we play with the big dogs, but keep relationships great with your customers.


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We Can Get Your Home Secure Now!

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Northstar Alarms

Halifax, NS


Did you know we partner with some of the biggest names in home security systems?

That's right, we are also Liberty Security's #1 dealer and we use the best monitoring systems in Canada to keep our alarms consistently monitored & alert!


1. Do You Offer Security Cameras?


We sure do!

There are a lot of options and not everything we offer is suited for every person, but that is what our consultations are for. We go over everything!

Have you felt the need to watch your property more closely? Are you concerned about trespassers, vandals, and others destroying or otherwise harming your property or family?

Northstar Alarms gives our neighbors like you the option to have video cameras installed. Video surveillance has many incredible benefits in addition to standard alarm security.

2. Can My Home Be Monitored While On I'm Vacation?


If you go on vacation (like I do) when the temps are negative and the days are short, rest assured that you can still get video, alarm and alert feeds 24/7 as long as you are in a data-covered area.

Of course, our 24/7 monitoring never goes to sleep or vacation, so you can always be protected, no matter what.

3. What Is Home Automation, Exactly?


Remember SciFi movies and shows like Star *? (You’ll have to put your favorite name there, we support all our star flicks 😉 ) Remember how they could open their communicators and call to other places, check the weather, order groceries…er, maybe not all those things, but you get the picture. Now you can do all those things, and even turn out the lights, close and lock doors, turn your system on or off, and watch your house. All from your “communicator.” Northstar Alarms offers home automation services that work alongside our security systems and monitoring services.

Read the next FAQs for more information on home automation alongside your home security in Halifax.

4. Home Thermostat Automation


Using an automated thermostat (such as the one below, yours may not be the same) will save you money on heating and cooling costs. Not only are our thermostats automatic, our system allows you to access your thermostat from your phone. This allows you to change the temp in preparation for you getting home, for when you need the house extra snuggly during a winter storm, or cool on a scorching day!

5. Garage Door Automation


If you’ve ever driven away from your home and had to turn around to make sure the garage door was closed, we can make that frustration go away. Our garage door automation makes it easy to control it from your phone, 5 minutes or 5 hours away.
Making sure your garage door is closed will keep your home more secure.


6. Lighting & Appliance Automation


You can automate your home to fit your daily life. With Northstar’s Home Automation packages you can create schedules, rules for your lighting based on events, and more! Now you can control your lighting from anywhere in your house or from anywhere in the world. Our lighting automation saves you time and energy!

If you need to automate certain household appliances, we can help you with that, too. Appliance automation works like lighting and door automation in that you have all the control in the palm of your hand.